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Portland Neighborhoods

The City of Roses in a Nutshell.

There are five main areas, bisected by the Willamette River and by Burnside Street, that make up Portland proper:

  • Northwest (to the WEST and NORTH of the Willamette River)
  • Southwest (to the WEST and SOUTH of the Willamette River)
  • Northeast (to the EAST of the Willamette River and NORTH of Burnside Street)
  • Southeast (to the EAST of the Willamette River and SOUTH of Burnside Street)
  • North (on a peninsula of land surrounded by the Columbia River to the NORTH and the Willamette River to the SOUTH.)

And since our friends at Travel Oregon did such a nice roundup of the individual Portland neighborhoods in all their glory, I'll let you explore on your own.

You can also check out this information on Portand Neighborhoods by Wikipedia.

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