What if the process of buying a house was fun and rewarding?

What we offer our Buyer clients:

  • Full service personal showings and preview video services when you are not able to see the property in person.
  • Expert negotiation on your behalf and property research to bring you the perfect properties.
  • Weekly status reports and personal check-ins with your agent.
  • Up to $600 towards a one-year Home Warranty, or an Interior or Garden Styling with Ken Swyt Design. Credit applied at closing*.
  • 5-Star customer service and care throughout the transaction and beyond.

Honesty and Trust

We build trust with our clients by being honest and putting their needs before ours, always.  Making the purchasing process as seamless and rewarding as possible is our goal with every interaction we have together. 


Real estate transactions can be at times challenging and stressful if not done with Agents who value you as a client, friend and partner. But they can also be a lot of fun if conducted with care and professionalism. Our goal is to help you through each transaction smoothly, with expert care, education and negotiation, and to have a little fun along the way!


Education and excellence in client care

Our clients always feel taken care of, and will never be confused or feel like they have gotten less than 100% of our Agent and Firm's attention and service.


Each step of the real estate process is always explained and you will be guided through the journey from start to finish by Agents who care deeply about your experience.


Our Clients come first, always. We take great care in doing more listening than talking, finding out what will make you happy,  listening to what your goals are, and helping you along on your path in real estate.

Building relationships
that last

We treat our Clients with respect, kindness and confidentiality. The relationships we build with our clients last longer than just the transaction, and our goal is to make friends as well as clients.


Rewards and Perks

Our client relationships are our biggest assets, and we strive to keep them active and fun. Our relationship with you doesnt stop after the transaction!  In addition to your $600 Warranty or Design Consultation, you can expect to be treated with high end and personal Closing Gifts, as well as special surprises throughout the year, just to make sure that you know that you are very special to us.


Seasonal Pop-bys:

We love spoiling our clients! Throughout the year, we "pop-by" to deliver a fun seasonal surprises to your doorstep to celebrate.


Special Closing Gifts:
We provide thoughtful, high-end closing gifts to celebrate a successful transaction!

Think we might be a good fit? We thought so too!

Drop us a line or give us a call and we will contact you to discuss your goals!

*$600 credit applied with the completion of full commission sales only. Sales with referral fees do not apply. Conditions apply.

Our "real" estate approach

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